Private Labeling

Making custom branded products has never been more straightforward than with Innovative Body Science. With low minimums, competitive pricing, guaranteed quality, and on-time delivery, we make it easy for you to customize any of our private label lines specially tailored to your needs. Let us help you create a brand your customers will love.

When you sell big “name brand” lines, you build everyone’s business but your own, at prices that don’t allow you to grow your company. Over-exposed professional brands make you vulnerable to competition. You also risk having these big “name brand” products show up on e-commerce sites or at beauty supply outlets. When you sell your own brand, exclusivity and customer loyalty are ensured.

Private labeling allows our customers to elegantly promote their unique facility and brand.

The marketing benefits of having your clients display bottles and jars of your products in their bathrooms, bedrooms, cars, gift baskets, etc, are unmatched by any advertising.

Your spa or resort has its own unique identity, from your signature services to the special relationships you’ve created with your clients. Now it’s time for you to build your most precious asset, your brand name.

Your clients trust you and look to your staff for expertise in skin and body care. The recommendations of your staff are the single most powerful influence on their buying decisions. Why not channel that power into building your own valuable brand equity?

We offer a wide range of options to choose from when creating a private label program. We have a complete in-house art department that can design your packaging, from concept through production, with your choice of labels or screen printing. We have a large variety of componentry to choose from; a line of high-quality spa products that you may package as your own, and the ability to custom formulate new and innovative products. You may use our art department and resources when creating your custom packaging or you may have completed packaging sent to us for filling.

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