Understanding ‘All Natural’

by in Knowledge June 27, 2016

In relation to skincare products, there are no standards for what “natural” actually means. A company can wave a sprig of lavender over a jar of cream and then call it “natural”. What it really means to you will depend on your own values. Typically a “natural” ingredient is defined as having its origins in […]

Understanding Sulfates

by in Knowledge May 30, 2016

In many parts of the world, countries are now starting to treat cosmetic products as if they were a consumer drug (paperwork, approvals, certificates, etc.). Here in the United States, the FDA doesn’t have a direct hold or regulation on what “cosmetics” are being sold to the public. Do note, the FDA defines “cosmetics” as… […]

Banish Bad Breath

by in Knowledge March 29, 2015

Bacteria flourish on your tongue, especially towards the back third. These bacteria break down the leftover food in your mouth, resulting in substances called volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs). These VSCs are the most common cause of bad breath. To treat this kind of bad breath, you need to reduce the number of bacteria in your […]